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Monthly review june

By: Rixt Hofenk, at 03-07-2024 at 20:31

The final stretch before summer vacation is upon us, and with a full but enjoyable Vitalis month, we ended the academic year well in June. The month was full of sporting and social activities, such as competitions and get-togethers. Are you curious what we all did this month? Then be sure to read on!

The month started on June 2 with a long trip to Wageningen. Here Vitalis participated with a men's and women's team in the second 2nd division competition. Between the rain there were fortunately also some rays of sunshine in which our athletes shone on the athletics track.

On June 5, it was time for the active member outing. After dinner, however, the positivity was over; the evening was entirely devoted to a terrible event: our mascot Barbabenno had been murdered.... To all active members it was the challenge to find out who the perpetrator of this brutal act was, with what weapon it happened and at what location. In the end it turned out in the Tram that Miriam killed our Barbabenno with the gavel in the Grote Markt.

Fortunately, Barbabenno is like a cat with seven lives and was just there again during NSK Baan in Eindhoven. He was the biggest supporter of the Vitalists during the bearchase (where Vitalis took multiple podium spots!!!), the 4*100 and the 4*800 relays and all the individual events. He also enjoyed the NSK party immensely. So the last NSK of the year was a great success.

There was no time for muscle pain from the NSK, because on the following Tuesday the club road championships were already scheduled. Susan, Jelmer, Evelien and Bart can call themselves the new club champions!

That you are never alone at Vitalis was evident at the iconic duo drinks: all Vitalists came, together with someone else, dressed up as an iconic duo. For example, Buurman & Buurman, Lampje and Willie Wortel, but also Laurens and Jerom were present.

After the drinks, there was time to rest from all the Vitalis bustle. On June 23 the sporting year ended with the last league race in Harderwijk. In the end we finished 15th with the women and 29th with the men.

This year's Tuesday dinner was concluded by the BarCie on June 28 with the annual BarCie barbecue. During nice summer weather the new barbecue was used for the first time and vacation plans could be exchanged late into the night.

In July there will be one last drink and with that the Vitalis year will be truly closed. In August we will be at the Kei-week, after which we will go on a well-deserved holiday to the Ardennes. From September on we will be off again with all kinds of fun activities, trainings and of course the intro period. See you then!

Sfeerverslag mei

By: Rixt Hofenk, at 09-06-2024 at 12:51

Everything used to be better. That's why the month of May began with a trip down memory lane during the Granny social drink. Checkered shirts, wigs and mustaches were conjured up to look as much like our grandfathers and grandmothers as possible! Being welcomed to the Tram with cubes of cheese and marie crackers made the evening just short of a circle birthday. The Vitalists, despite their rusty appearance, even turned out to be fairly smooth during the post-drink outing.

Fortunately, the Vitalis Grannies were transformed back into students in no time, because that did make NSK Meerkamp a little easier. High jump with a walker and the 100-meter hurdles with a cane does not sound like an ideal situation. After all, for two days the Vitalists competed in Delft for the title Dutch student champion heptathlon or running heptathlon. In the end, our own Jetske Meijer finished 1st in the women's heptathlon. Everyone did incredibly well this weekend!

There was not much time to recover from the busy weekend, because on Wednesday, May 15, the annual Vitalis auction was on the program: the Pr-Sponsorcie raised a record amount of almost €1200,- for Vitalis, thanks to all the nice items submitted and to generous Vitalists.

The weekend of May 24 the tents were pulled out again and we headed to Enschede for the annual Batavierenrace. In 25 stages we ran in relay form from Nijmegen to Enschede, followed by a party. It was another enjoyable weekend.

To stay in the relay atmosphere, May finally ended with the annual bearchase. In teams of 3, there were four drinks per person, followed by a round of running. In the end, 1/2 Gang won with the women, consisting of Suzanne, Tamara and Evelien. For the men, Wietse, Arvid and Finn won with their team 'De Bonpakkers'.

So May was another month full of sportsmanship and fun!

Monthly review april

By: Rixt Hofenk, at 07-05-2024 at 12:53

Spring and with it the track season has begun again! That means full Vitalis diaries for many Vitalists. In April we already traveled all over the country for competitions and in the coming months this will only increase!

The month started with the monthly drinks and this time Vitalists swapped the Vitalis blue for pink! Unfortunately, the pink Vitalis socks were not there yet, but still the whole Tram colored merrily pink and even Joop joined in!

The FeestCie did not sit still, because a week later another activity was scheduled, namely 'Ik hou van Holland'. This became a fun evening in the canteen with all kinds of games in the theme of 'Ik hou van Holland'.

The evening was not made too late, because on Thursday, April 18, it was time for the ACLO gala. A large group of Vitalists was present to see Finn van Pijkeren win the sports award for his performance at the NK Beer Mile and Marit van der Schaaf receive the award for sports team of the year on behalf of the RUG-Hanze Batavierenrace team.

Towards the end of April it was time for the first league race, this time in Ede. Both the men and women are currently 27th in the national 2nd division. So it was a successful competition with hailstorms here and there, but mostly sunshine.

In April, the First Year Committee organized their second activity of the year: an evening of Old Dutch games. It was a fun evening that started with musical chairs, followed by koekhappen, sjoelen, egg race and spijkerpoepen.

The WegCie also got to work in April: they organized the AV Run at the ACLO on April 24. After a nice 3.5 or 6.5 kilometer lap along the Reitdiep, there were quite a few Vitalists on the podium! It was another successful edition.

Furthermore, at the training sessions and at the Tuesday night dinner there were again many Vitalists to be seen, we hope to see everyone on the track again in May!

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