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Groningen 08-04-2023


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Discipline Athlete Result
100M (Outdoor) Lucas Georg
12,58 2'05"/km
100M (Outdoor) Thom van Kemenade
12,94 2'09"/km
100M (Outdoor) Filip 'Flippo' Hofstede
13,12 2'11"/km
100M (Outdoor) Inge Salzmann
14,05 2'20"/km
100M (Outdoor) Miriam Pierik
16,26 2'42"/km
400M (Outdoor) Carlo Schoonen
54,69 2'16"/km
400M (Outdoor) Marjolein Kuiper
01:07,45 PR 2'48"/km
800M (Outdoor) Jelle Miedema
02:10,22 2'42"/km
800M (Outdoor) Jesse Postel
02:14,98 PR 2'48"/km
800M (Outdoor) Floris Wever
02:30,73 PR 3'08"/km
3000M (Outdoor) Rosa Ellens
12:22,50 PR 4'07"/km
3000M (Outdoor) Lynn van der Schaaf
12:37,74 4'12"/km
5000M (Outdoor) Filip 'Flippo' Hofstede
16:57,39 PR 3'23"/km
5000M (Outdoor) Bart Crajé
17:26,91 3'29"/km
5000M (Outdoor) Renske Linstra
18:53,06 3'46"/km
5000M (Outdoor) Robin Vink
18:53,51 PR 3'46"/km
5000M (Outdoor) Thom van Kemenade
19:30,64 PR 3'54"/km
5000M (Outdoor) Johanna Bult
21:30,99 PR 4'18"/km
5000M (Outdoor) Miriam Pierik
26:21,40 5'16"/km
Hoogspringen (Outdoor) Amerins Ypma
Kogelstoten (Outdoor) Marjolein Kuiper
9,31 PR
Speerwerpen (Outdoor) Carlo Schoonen
Speerwerpen (Outdoor) Amerins Ypma


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