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The WegCie

The ZFCie organizes the Zac Freudenburg Cross (ZFC) which takes place every year in the City park of Groningen. The first edition of the ZFC took place in 2010. The trail of the ZFC is derived from the American Zac Freudenburg's regular training trail. During his time as a Vitalis member, around the start of this millennium, Zac made a great impression with his achievements on the long distances.

For more information and an impression of the previous editions, go to:

From October 4, the ZFCie will turn into the WegCie. After this they will organize our club championships road and cross in addition to all the great events they already organize! Here Vitalists compete for the honorable title of club champion through a race through the beautiful Stadspark.
How much time does it take to be a part of this committee?
1-2 hours a week for about half a year
How often does the committee meet?
Once every 3 weeks, when the events approaches this becomes once every 2 weeks
Which interests best suit this committee?
There are a lot of different interests that suit this committee because there are a lot of different positions within this committee, including chairman, treasurer, competition secretary, facility coordinator, and PR& sponsoring. Interests that suit the above mentioned positions are: enjoying to organize events, enjoying to carry out administrative tasks, interested in gaining insight in the organizational aspect of a competition, interested in logistics, and interested in promotion and sponsoring
How can you get in touch with the ZFCie?
You can always approach someone from the committee or send an email to
Are you interested? Please contact the internal commissioner (Laurens)! Via a message or an email.