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The WPC, promotes race participation by Vitalists. In addition, the WPC is involved in the organization of various races (such as the Batavierenrace and team-competition). Every month we publish the competition calendar with the best races for the next two months, you can find even more races under the heading upcoming competitions on this site. Furthermore, the WPC takes responsibility for the hugely enjoyable team-competition that you obviously want to attend, because Vitalis likes to show its best side there as well. In addition, we often travel with a large group of Vitalists to NSKs (Dutch student championships).

So the WPC makes the lineups for the team competitions such as the lteam-competition, Batavierenrace, 10x10 Winschoten, NSK Teams and every other team competition we participate in as Vitalis. And makes sure you are aware of the most fun competitions!

How much time does it take to be a part of this committee?
1-2 hours a week (during the spring and summer it is a little bit busier, during the autumn and winter it is a little bit less work)
How often does the committee meet?
Once a month
Which interests best suit this committee?
Sportmanship, having affiliation with the organization of competitions, enjoying to compete yourself or enjoying to just be present at competitions
How can you get in touch with the WPC?
You can always approach someone from the committee or send an email to