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G.S.A.V. Vitalis, the largest student athletics association in the Netherlands, cannot exist without sponsors! Vitalis is a vibrant athletics club that participates in NSKs (Dutch Student Championships) and the national competition. Besides the sportive aspect, Vitalis offers many social activities for its members. An ideal opportunity for a company to contribute to a vibrant association.

Vitalis offers several possibilities for partnerships, which are listed below. For an extensive overview, see our Sponsorbrochure 2023.pdf

Sponsorship opportunities:

1. Billboards

Vitalis offers your company the option to place a billboard next to the athletics track at the Stadspark in Groningen.

2. Media

Vitalis has several media forums, where it is possible to place an advertisement, link, logo, short article or video. Examples of our forums are Instagram, Facebook, club magazine Het Ei and the website.

3. Competitions: Dutch Student Championships (NSK) and Zac Freudenburg Cross (ZFC)

Vitalis organises a couple of races every year. In January the ZFC takes place in the Stadspark. Besides that, an NSK is organised almost every year. At these student championships participants from all over the country travel to Groningen to participate. As a sponsor you make these fun competitions possible.

4. Clinics

Vitalis offers the possibility for your company to participate in running clinics. During the clinics, the team members experience how a professional run training is done and tips are given about responsible training, the right shoes, clothing and other relevant running matters.

5. Main sponsor

If you are a company interested in becoming a main sponsor of Vitalis, please contact the Commissioner External Affairs to discuss the possibilities.

As a student association we are very open-minded to all possible creative sponsorship ideas! Would you like to sponsor Vitalis, or do you happen to have any questions regarding sponsorship? Please contact our Commissioner External Affairs by email: