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The PR-SponsorCie

The PR-SponsorCie makes sure the most amazing student athletics association, Vitalis, is well promoted among the students of Groningen! We are the representatives of Vitalis during events like the KEI-week and open house events of the ACLO, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Groningen. We also organize the introduction period for new Vitalis members in September. Below is a slightly more detailed description of the largest activities that we organize:

  1. KEI-week: As WIG-partner of the KEI-week we promote Vitalis during the general information market and at the sportsplaza. We also organize at least 1 extra activity during the KEI-week such as a (karaoke-)social, an introductory training session, or the hungover brunch run!
  2. Introduction Period: Every year in September we organize the introduction weeks for potential new Vitalis members. In small groups together with current Vitalis members they will get to know athletics and Vitalis. During this 2-week period everyone will get to know our training groups (sprint, middle long distances, road, and technical groups). We also organize fun activities such as a pubquiz, running-dinner, a BBQ and a football tournament.
  3. ESN: We also promote Vitalis to international students during the open house events by ESN. Here we provide a short athletics related clinic for international students.
  4. Auction: Once a year we organize a Vitalis auction, here we auct different items and the profit goes to Vitalis, so we can continue organizing all the fun activities!

We as the PR-SponsorCie are thus the representatives of Vitalis and are responsible for making new students enthousiastic about athletics and Vitalis. There are some small events where we promote Vitalis besides the above described events. The PR-SponsorCie is also responsible for the acquisition of new sponsorship deals and to maintain a good relationship with our current sponsors. Besides, we also organize training sessions and clinics together with our sponsors. Below is a list of some of our sponsors and their benefits for you as a Vitalis member:

  1. Sportzorg Noordnederland: Do you have troubles with an injury? Bob Stoker is able to help you.
  2. Tram 13: Each second Wednesday of the month you can enjoy a lovely social drink here!
  3. Sportpodologe Henk Jager: If you are in need of special adapted shoes Henk Jager can help you by adapting the sole of your shoe to your needs.
  4. Shirt a la minute: Need to print on fabric? At shirt a la minute you get a discount as Vitalis member!
  5. Belsimpel: Looking for a job? Check out their vacancies!

Our goal is to maintain a good relationship with current partners and to hopefully acquire new sponsorships in the coming years.

How much time does it take to be a part of this committee?
A couple of hours a month, around the KEI-week/introduction period this committee takes up a bit more time
How often does the committee meet?
Once every three weeks
Which interests best suit this committee?
If you like to make potential new members enthusiastic to join Vitalis and if you like to guide them during their first weeks as a Vitalis member. In addition, this committee is also a good fit if you are good in making deals with (new) sponsors.
How can you get in touch with the PR-SponsorCie?
You can always approach someone from the committee or send an email to