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At the National Student Championships Ekiden (NSK Ekiden) you run the classical marathon distance with a team of six people. Each member of the team runs either 5, 10 or 7.195 kilometers, in such a way that the team together completes the total distance of 42.195 kilometers. 

GSAV Vitalis will organise the NSK Ekiden on the 11th of april 2021! If you're interested in organizing this amezing event contact Jeroen through the e-mail below or by sending a whatsapp message.

For more information look at the facebookpage (

How much time does it take to be a part of this committee? 2-3 hours a week.
How often does the committee meet? Once a month, closer to the event it will be twice a month.
Which interests best suit this committee? If you like to organize a competition for all students of the Netherlands and if you like to work together in a team.
How can you get in touch with the NSK-EkidenCie? You can always approach someone from the committee or send an email to

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