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Board 2022

You can find the contact details of the board members below. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or remarks!

From left to right:  Bouwe van Leeuwen, Martijn van Dijk, Robin Vink, Rens Rolink, Suzanne Knappmann

Robin Vink

Function: Chairman
Can be contacted for: General information
Mobile: 06-36053954
  • Martijn van Dijk
Function: Secretary
Can be contacted for: Administrative tasks and membership
Mobile: 06-12288416

Rens Rolink

Function: Treasurer
Can be contacted for: Finance
Mobile: 06-30019549

Bouwe van Leeuwen

Function: Commissioner Sports
Can be contacted for: Training and sports events
Mobile: 06-20717062

Suzanne Knappmann

Function: Commissioner External Affairs
Can be contacted for: Promotion and sponsorship
Mobile: 06-30921541

Old boards

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