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Trainer wanted

By: Martijn van Dijk, at 16-06-2021 at 17:39

The Groningen Student Athletics Association Vitalis is looking for a new trainer for the technical training group. The trainings take place on Monday and Wednesday evening on the athletics track in the Groningen stadspark. On these days a group of youthful seniors and students are training the throwing and jumping parts. The group trains at different levels from beginner to advanced. The training is given in collaboration with another trainer.
Who are we looking for?
- An enthusiastic trainer with experience in throwing and/or jumping
- A trainer who is ready for a varied group of youthful seniors and student athletes
- A trainer who is available on Monday and Wednesday between 18:30 and 20:30

What do we offer?
- An active and very sociable association with various social and sporting activities
- A volunteer fee

Have you become interested in this vacancy, would you like to know more or do you know someone who might be interested? Then we would like to hear from you! You can contact Jeroen de Wolf, commissioner Sports, through the following ways:

About G.S.A.V. Vitalis
GSAV Vitalis is a young student athletics association that was founded in 1996 at the initiative of Marco Glastra. Meanwhile, the association has more than 160 members, which makes us the largest student-athletics association in the Netherlands. Vitalis is the athletics association where practising athletics at a (top) level is combined with sociability! Both our women's team and our men's team are active in the second division during the competitions of the Atletiekunie.
The athletics track in the Stadspark is well looked after and equipped with a nice gym. We share this track and gym with the athletics club Groningen Atletiek. Outside the athletics track is the beautiful Stadspark for endurance and cross training, but other areas in and around Groningen are also often visited.