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Sfeerverslag mei

By: Rixt Hofenk, at 09-06-2024 at 12:51

Everything used to be better. That's why the month of May began with a trip down memory lane during the Granny social drink. Checkered shirts, wigs and mustaches were conjured up to look as much like our grandfathers and grandmothers as possible! Being welcomed to the Tram with cubes of cheese and marie crackers made the evening just short of a circle birthday. The Vitalists, despite their rusty appearance, even turned out to be fairly smooth during the post-drink outing.

Fortunately, the Vitalis Grannies were transformed back into students in no time, because that did make NSK Meerkamp a little easier. High jump with a walker and the 100-meter hurdles with a cane does not sound like an ideal situation. After all, for two days the Vitalists competed in Delft for the title Dutch student champion heptathlon or running heptathlon. In the end, our own Jetske Meijer finished 1st in the women's heptathlon. Everyone did incredibly well this weekend!

There was not much time to recover from the busy weekend, because on Wednesday, May 15, the annual Vitalis auction was on the program: the Pr-Sponsorcie raised a record amount of almost €1200,- for Vitalis, thanks to all the nice items submitted and to generous Vitalists.

The weekend of May 24 the tents were pulled out again and we headed to Enschede for the annual Batavierenrace. In 25 stages we ran in relay form from Nijmegen to Enschede, followed by a party. It was another enjoyable weekend.

To stay in the relay atmosphere, May finally ended with the annual bearchase. In teams of 3, there were four drinks per person, followed by a round of running. In the end, 1/2 Gang won with the women, consisting of Suzanne, Tamara and Evelien. For the men, Wietse, Arvid and Finn won with their team 'De Bonpakkers'.

So May was another month full of sportsmanship and fun!