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Monthly review april

By: Rixt Hofenk, at 07-05-2024 at 12:53

Spring and with it the track season has begun again! That means full Vitalis diaries for many Vitalists. In April we already traveled all over the country for competitions and in the coming months this will only increase!

The month started with the monthly drinks and this time Vitalists swapped the Vitalis blue for pink! Unfortunately, the pink Vitalis socks were not there yet, but still the whole Tram colored merrily pink and even Joop joined in!

The FeestCie did not sit still, because a week later another activity was scheduled, namely 'Ik hou van Holland'. This became a fun evening in the canteen with all kinds of games in the theme of 'Ik hou van Holland'.

The evening was not made too late, because on Thursday, April 18, it was time for the ACLO gala. A large group of Vitalists was present to see Finn van Pijkeren win the sports award for his performance at the NK Beer Mile and Marit van der Schaaf receive the award for sports team of the year on behalf of the RUG-Hanze Batavierenrace team.

Towards the end of April it was time for the first league race, this time in Ede. Both the men and women are currently 27th in the national 2nd division. So it was a successful competition with hailstorms here and there, but mostly sunshine.

In April, the First Year Committee organized their second activity of the year: an evening of Old Dutch games. It was a fun evening that started with musical chairs, followed by koekhappen, sjoelen, egg race and spijkerpoepen.

The WegCie also got to work in April: they organized the AV Run at the ACLO on April 24. After a nice 3.5 or 6.5 kilometer lap along the Reitdiep, there were quite a few Vitalists on the podium! It was another successful edition.

Furthermore, at the training sessions and at the Tuesday night dinner there were again many Vitalists to be seen, we hope to see everyone on the track again in May!