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By: Suzanne Knappmann, at 05-10-2022 at 14:02

Members weekend is, of course, the best weekend of the year for everyone every single year. Memorable days filled with games, beer and, above all, a lot of fun. But for one person, members weekend is just a little more epic: The VIP! This year Laurens got to experience the weekend from this special role, read his experience below:

"At the Vitalis Auction, Marlo and Jerom thought it would be nice to spend a lot of money so that I could be the VIP this association weekend. A huge honour of course, but I didn't know exactly what to expect. In any case, as a true party member of Vitalis, I prepared myself for a lot of alcohol. Upon arrival (a bit later, of course), a beautiful chair with balloons was waiting for me and the FeestCie offered me a beautiful crown and sash so that I would stand out all weekend. Alcohol was also thought of by means of a bottle of luxury cava. As the weekend progressed, various tasks in the crazy 44, the slightly larger amounts of food, the delicious desserts, a special place in the photo and a round of applause during the meals made me realise even more that I was the VIP. Enjoyable, of course! The best actions were that my bed was decorated with flags and that I suddenly saw a framed picture of myself next to the TV during an evening activity. The fact that this photo was taken directly from instagram, so the arrows and dots for clicking through to other photos were still visible, certainly didn't spoil the fun. This photo now has a beautiful spot on my desk as a keepsake of this wonderful weekend. FeestCie, Marlo, Jerom and of course the other participants, thank you!"