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Welcome to the website of student athletics association G.S.A.V. Vitalis, the largest student athletics association in the Netherlands! Vitalis is the association where athletics and fun are combined. From high jump to javelin throw and from sprinting to endurance runs, there will be a training group that suits you. In addition to sports, there’s time for fun: drinks, eating together after training, weekend getaways and many other activities.

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January review

By: Rixt Hofenk, at 06-02-2024 at 15:25

After the Christmas vacations, activities and training started up again at Vitalis. Despite the dark evenings and cold weather, Vitalists were back on the track in full force in January.The month began on Wednesday, Jan. 10, with the monthly party committee drinks, which this month were in the theme of crazy hats. The strangest items appeared, such as sombreros, Santa hats and an IKEA stool by Jim, who was the best dressed up with these. A week and a half later, the Party Committee organized a New Year's Eve dinner in the canteen. All Vitalists brought something tasty to catch up on the Christmas vacations, exams and holidays over a delicious dinner. In addition, there was a fun pub quiz that looked back at 2023 and predicted 2024.
On Jan. 24, the time had come: the Exchange AGM. After a long sitting, board 27 resigned: Jerom, Luuk, Robin, Roos and Laurens; thanks again for all your efforts last year for the association! Board 28, consisting of Rosa, Miriam, Fleur, Diewertje and Rixt was then hammered in. This was of course celebrated in the Tram after the AGM.

After the AGM, the new board was immediately highly visible at NSK Cross in their pink hoodies. A group of 14 enthusiastic Vitalists traveled to Maastricht where Sint-Pietersberg was climbed during the sprint, short or long cross. The day ended festively with a carnival party.

The month ended with the First Year Committee's first activity where freshmen and intro parents ventured out for a game of Jeu de Boules at Boel. The activity ended with a fun quiz at the Tram.

So all in all, January was another month of enjoying Vitalis to the fullest!

December review

By: Rixt Hofenk, at 27-01-2024 at 09:54

The holidays have been over for a while now, but let's take a look back at the last month of the year 2023. The first day of December started with a bang, namely the annual Vitalis Gala. The basement of the News Café was transformed into a fairytale forest where Vitalis members and inductees shone in their enchanting gala outfits. On this evening, the last member of the new candidate board was announced with the position of Commissaris Sport; namely, the lost princess Diewertje. 

On 6 December, Sinterklaas also came to say hello in the canteen. The Vitalists rolled the dice and revealed each other's secrets in the poems they made. Not everyone will have been happy about this, nevertheless it was a fun evening! On 8 December, a large group headed to Nijmegen for the last NSK of the year, which was the staircase run. The Vitalists did their best as the male beerchase team took second place here.

The last drinks party of the year also took place, of course in the Christmas theme. Tram 13 was filled with Santa Clauses, reindeer and Christmas trees this evening. With this, the Vitalists had already ended the year festively! The day after, the First-year committee had organised a reunion for the intro groups and their intro parents. Over a communal dinner in the canteen, they had a great time catching up. 

Despite the wintery conditions in the Netherlands, Vitalists continued to attend the training sessions and the attendance at the Tuesday night dinner was still very high in the last month of the year. A competition was also held on the last day of the year to see who could make the most beautiful and fun BeReal. Amerins and Sanne won this one together and got to shine on the cover of the Ei magazine! In short, December was another successful month for the Vitalists. Hope you enjoyed the holidays and holiday and everyone is off to a great start to a happy and healthy


November review

By: Laurens Zureiqi, at 18-12-2023 at 11:39

November was a busy Vitalis month for most of the Vitalists. This month started for a couple of runners from the Road running group with the Berenloop at Terschelling. You could see the blue shirts running at the beach with a lot of rain and wind. PR’s were broken and for some people, it was even their first half marathon!

There wasn’t much time to rest, since there was a really special social drinks at the planning: at Wednesday the 8th of november, the candidate board of 2024 was announced. Rosa (chairman), Miriam (secretary), Fleur (treasurer), Diewertje (commissioner sports) and Rixt (commissioner external affairs) will be in the 28th board next year. Until the general members meeting, they’ll look like Disney princesses. Especially Fleur, as Ariël, was really looking at her Disney alter ego two days later at the Zac Freudenbergcross: after days of rain, the water was up to the ankles, so a mermaid tail would have been quite useful. With a big amount of participants, it was another successful edition of the ZFC, organized by the WegCie. 

Not only the WegCie was busy in november, the FeestCie had lots of things to do as well: atWednesday the 15th of november, they organized a spikeballclinic, given by none other than Vitalist Frank Buigel. Although it was very clear to some Vitalists why they do not play ball sports, everyone had a fun evening that of course ended in the Tram.

At the last weekend of november we left to Ameland with 30 people for the autumn trainingsweekend. Due to a tree on the track during a storm and a lightning strike in the train control center, we camped at Leeuwarden station for 2 hours, but luckily we ended up on Ameland after a journey of 6 hours instead of 3.5. We spent two days running and walking atthe beach, through the dunes and through the forest. In the evening, the VakanCie created afun pub quiz and the shuffleboard was used a lot. It was a fun weekend. 

Two weeks after the Spike ball clinic, we did some inside sports again with a big group of active members during the active member activity, this time with a bow and arrow in our hands to do some archery tag. Almost all active members were there to shoot each other. At the end, we went home with many bruises. Really ideal, two days before the gala. 

So, november was a month full of Vitalis again. Next to all these activities, the Tuesday night dinner was crowded as well and of course, the trainings continued as well (in the snow!!).

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