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Welcome to the website of student athletics association G.S.A.V. Vitalis, the largest student athletics association in the Netherlands! Vitalis is the association where athletics and fun are combined. From high jump to javelin throw and from sprinting to endurance runs, there will be a training group that suits you. In addition to sports, there’s time for fun: drinks, eating together after training, weekend getaways and many other activities.

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April review

By: Laurens Zureiqi, at 07-05-2023 at 07:55

It was another month, sit back and enjoy a cup of tea.

April 1, that's where we start, NSK Ekiden in Delft, in this marathon relay we ran well, resulting in a 4th place for one of the teams. After that the Vitalists went to recover at the Mac Donalds to quickly prepare for the next event. In April it was also Easter, with of course our own Paashaascup! In this training competition the Vitalists could already get ready for the competition season. This way everyone had a better idea of their good and improvement points.

There were also drinks, and in retro style with disco lights at the 80's disco drinks! The atmosphere was so good that our old Robert, with a beer pace of 4 beers an hour, made it quite late while he had to work early the next day. Laurens also looks back on this night positively, when asked how it was "I can't remember anything about it". Our Amerins also had her birthday that night and we celebrated it well, I don't think she remembers anything about the night either.

On April 19 we ran super hard at the AVrun. With many podium places for our vitalists, this was a very successful event.
Besides track and field and drinks, we also tried something new; lacrosse. The questions from the fun-run at the AVrun showed that this is the national sport of Canada, so we had to try this quickly! It took some getting used to running with a stick in your hand, but in the end a couple of Vitalists were pretty good at it, nice to see hidden talents emerging this way.
The month ended with the 51st edition of the Batavians race. The start stage was immediately well run by Jeffrey who then drove the bus all night. The night crew battled hard to achieve great performances. Shivering in the bus with Taylor Swift on they worked through the night. During the day the sun started to shine nicely and some athletes enjoyed a free massage, even though it was only 10 minutes, I found it relaxing. The morning team also ran well despite the fact that the alarm clock was sounding around 4 a.m.. After many cups of coffee it was time to watch the finish line, where Rens was running smoothly down the course in his orange running group kech pants. There were also riders there in gorilla suits and with all kinds of props, we were looking our eyes out. Our team ended up finishing 18th, which is a top achievement. In the evening we partied hard on a few hours of sleep. Some more sleep in the tent (which was super cold, really very cold, believe me; really very cold) and the next day the vitalists went back to Groningen.

It was another wonderful month and I look forward to the next one!

March review

By: Laurens Zureiqi, at 07-04-2023 at 00:10

The month of March was another one full of activities. It all started with
a sleep-inducing social at Tram 13. By that, of course, I don't mean a boring social,
but one where everyone had to put on their most comfortable pajamas.
With the company of a lot of teddy bears and other cuddly toys, the drinks were downed as usual.

March also saw some good sports performances. The indoor season was concluded with the NSK in Apeldoorn.
Here were some Vitalists with high ambitions and they lived up to those aspirations.
There was gold for Wouter in the 60-meter hurdles in a club record and silver in the high jump.
There were also 2 silver medals for Jetske in the same disciplines.

For those with other sporting ambitions, spring was also well spent
with a training weekend in Rijssen, Twente. We trained on the track and in the forest
and as always, many games were played. It was particularly notable was how a whole
load of plates and books were used for table tennis to allow everyone to participate.

The FeestCie also organized a casino evening. Just in our own canteen everyone
was nicely and chicly dressed to show each other the best poker face they had.
Martijn was the big winner of the evening with a gamble with all his money on black
and therefore also autocrat of the auction, but thankfully he also gave something to the others.
All in all, in March we concluded the winter period and we are looking forward to the upcoming track season!

February review

By: Laurens Zureiqi, at 07-03-2023 at 14:09

Last month was all about skiing, love, skiing and more skiing, because it was time for the annual Skitalis trip to Avoriaz. Here, Vitalis enjoyed a week of great fun in the snow and, of course, with each other. Unfortunately I was not there myself and I will have to do it with the stories and the many pictures of the week. Please take some time to look at them and have a chat with the people who were there to hear the beautiful stories! From what I have heard it was a great success and (almost) everyone returned home injury free and safe, which of course is a nice addition. Next to this it was a jam-packed month with various sporting and social activities. I can say from personal experience that it was very busy, but super fun!

The month started very sporty with the NSK Stair Run in Nijmegen. Here Vitalists ran up no less than 10 or 20 floors of the Erasmus Building as fast as they could. For this fact alone I have a lot of respect. For the runners who are better at the third half, there was also a wonderful beer relay. Imagine running up 5 floors with that sloshing, golden yellow stuff in your belly. That's not pretty, but I think it's impressive!

Our own ZFC/CK cross was also once again a great success this year. Under the watchful eye (and participation) of the cross's namesake, Zac Freudenburg, wonderful performances were achieved. Niall (men's long), Jule (women's long), Luuk (men's short) and Eleonore (women's short) crowned themselves club champions on the cross. Congratulations to all of them!

Then, in addition to celebration of the successes above, love was celebrated at the Valentine's drink. Here, the Vitalists were allowed to buy roses for the one(s) they secretly love. As icing on the cake there was also the chance to write a bill as a secret admirer. If that doesn't make for an evening full of love, I don't know what does!

Furthermore, several Vitalists have excelled in sports this month. Jetske finished third at the NK indoor all-around under 20 and Noa, Wouter and Anniek participated in the NK indoor Seniors in Apeldoorn! Noa broke the club records on the 60 and 200 meters while Wouter set the second Vitalis time of all time on the 60 meter hurdles. Well done everyone!

Finally, the Vitalists were able to go wild at the ACLO sport gala in their best outfit and two days later they were able to walk off their hangover at the NSK Cross in Eindhoven. This was a fitting end to this wonderful month!

In the monthly overview above you can see that there are again several activities planned for the coming months, such as the well-attended NSK indoor in Apeldoorn (don't miss out!), the pyjama drinks and of course the spring training weekend! It promises to be another wonderful month and we hope to see you again in large numbers!

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