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Welcome to the website of GSAV Vitalis

Welcome to the website of student athletics association G.S.A.V. Vitalis. We are the oldest and largest student athletics association in the Netherlands! Vitalis is an active association that competes in NSK's (Dutch student championships) and the nation wide competition. Besides athletics, lots of social activities are organized by Vitalis for its members.

If you have any questions you can always email the secretary ( or click below for more information about our association.

Report Lustrum

By: Inge Salzmann, at 26-10-2021 at 19:05

This year, the 25th anniversary of Vitalis was on the agenda. The LustrumCie had therefore organised ten days full of fun activities. With the theme 'Verbinding' it was only fitting that everyone came dressed as something starting with a V for the first social. Tram 13 full of vampires and vikings made for a nice opening of the Lustrumweek.

After the inevitable hang over it was time for a more sporty activity that evening, in the form of laser gaming. This was the moment everyone brought out their inner Rambo and started shooting wildly at everything that was moving. In the end, no one had any idea whether they were actually shooting friend or enemy, but that only made for more chaos and laughter.

After a day of rest from the laser gaming it was time for the next sporting activity. On Saturday everyone was on the track for the lustrum competition, with athletics parts, but then in the theme '25'. Where normally the fastest at the 100m wins the race, the aim here was to finish as close to 25 seconds as possible. The less talented sprinters, throwers and jumpers therefore also had a chance to stand on the winner's podium.

The calories lost during the laser game and the lustrum contest could be replenished during the lustrum barbecue on Sunday. This was also the moment that former members were welcome to come and relive old memories. With Vitalis legend and founder Marco Glastra in attendance, many former members enjoyed the pieces of meat and other refreshments.

The next Tuesday, Andrea Deelstra, a true Olympic athlete fresh from Tokyo, was present to provide us with a clinic. After a presentation on her life as a marathon runner and her experiences in Tokyo, she gave a short training session during which everyone could ask questions.

The information obtained about performing at the Olympic Games came in handy the next day. All kinds of fun, active games and especially a lot of beer ensured that the evening ended in Tram 13. After the ‘Hang over brunch’ where everyone could fill their stomachs again, it was already time for the last activity of the Lustrum. On Friday the Galaxie had arranged a beautiful evening, which started with a real dinner. A lot of beautiful people in suits and dresses were present to lay a good foundation for the rest of the evening. After a remarkable combination of different dishes and a delicious dessert, it was time to move to the dance hall. After the introduction of the guests, more than 100 nicely dressed people could enjoy a real DJ, a photographer and especially unlimited drinks. After a lot of drinking, dancing and flirting the official evening was over at 12 o'clock, but for some it went on until deep in the night, thinking about the next lustrum in 2026.

Review September

By: Inge Salzmann, at 08-10-2021 at 19:31

September was a very busy month at Vitalis! The 3 week intro period for new members began and the end of the month/early October included the members weekend and club championships!

The intro period saw 21 intro parents and almost 90 intro members try out the sprint, MLA and road groups and test their technical skills in the jumping and throwing sessions. Each week also included a fun social activity with a Tuesday night dinner at the track and a running social. On September 22nd everyone got to show off their football skills in the Stadspark with a game of football followed by a well-deserved barbecue. After trying out all of the training groups, the intro-members also got to learn about the different committees Vitalis has to offer during the committee market at the Tuesday dinner. Overall the intro period was a success and we hope to see all the new members at the track again!

However, the fun didn’t stop there with the FeestCie organising a members weekend in Schoonoord. The theme was ‘Vitalis: the Village,’ and saw the Vitalis members split into village groups and compete in games for the whole weekend. Games included finding the FeestCie members in the woods and making the best artwork that represented your village group! To finish the members weekend, the Vitalis members could compete in the club championships back at the track. Many took part in the Meerkamp or All-round event which involved running the 100m and 800m as well as competing in the long jump, shot put and javelin. Vitalists competed with each other for a place on the podium and despite the rain we saw lots of impressive runs as well as new members who took part. The good news is that there are still more competitions to come in October so don’t worry if you missed this week, you can always sign up for the CK Weg taking place next Thursday!

Report NSK Teams Eindhoven

By: Inge Salzmann, at 22-09-2021 at 12:47

Last Saturday was the NSK teams in Eindhoven. So we all had to set off in the early morning to the far south. We drove through the fog but once we arrived in Eindhoven the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful! During the race everyone did their own thing and everyone who didn't have a race at that moment encouraged the rest fanatically from the stands. Especially during the long distances there was fanatical encouragement to help the runners through the heat: Barbabenno could start a cheerleading career! In short, a top team with a top atmosphere. When the race was finished with the relays, the most important part came: the fun relay; fortunately team Groningen won! Afterwards we all had dinner at the grandstand and then it was time to make the long journey home again, where most of us could not keep their eyes open anymore. In short, a long but very successful day!

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